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UGG is a brand that sells throughout the world. In Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia, you will find the brand on sale in leading shoe shops. It is their unique and high quality, design that ensures that Cheap UGG Boots UK have a key place in the world’s shoe fashion trends. As you may imagine, these boots were originally designed for use outdoors, particularly for shepherds, as they kept feet warm and cosy throughout the long, and often cold, nights. The first examples of this style of boot were, in fact, meant to be worn by men, but as with most fashion statements, we women have sequestered them as our own. Today, they are certainly a firm part of women’s footwear fashions. Having said that, however, UGG do make boots, shoes, slippers, and flip-flops for men, too – although these are a new addition to the UGG Boots UK collections. Today, UGG boots are a fashion statement. They show the world that the wearer has a good sense of style and are fully aware of the trends of the times. Their price also means that they now form part of a status symbol, showing the world that the wearer can afford quality and luxurious footwear and clothes. UGG has a universal appeal. Not only are they loved across the globe, they are also loved by many different types of people. If you are old, young, male, female, a student or a worker, then UGG boots are suitable. There are very few brands of footwear that can boast quite the appeal of UGG. In a sense, they are an ideal choice of footwear in a democratic world; they suit everyone. UGG make a wide range of different boots and shoes, and they have styles and colours that the majority of people like. They have the traditional styles, in browns, beige and grey, but they also have the wackier colours, such as purple, pink and blue. Regardless of your style, though, we are sure that you will find something in their collection that suits you and that suits your budget too. Sometimes the price of the shoes does seem a little excessive, but it is possible to find UGG Boots at very reasonable prices, particularly if you shop online. The internet, by its nature is much more competitive than the real world, and for this reason, online retailers offer the best prices.